SARIMAX ValueError: xnames and params do not have the same length




I am running SARIMAX and I am getting the following error:

ValueError: xnames and params do not have the same length.

I need help understanding what this error means and how to resolve it.

This is the model that I am trying to run:

mod = sm.tsa.statespace.SARIMAX(y,order=(1, 1, 1), seasonal_order=(1, 1, 1, 12), enforce_stationarity=False, enforce_invertibility=False)



Have you tried implementing the without setting the enforce stationary and enforce_invertibility parameters? Also, is the input series univariate?


when does one go with additive model with time series and when does one go with multiplicative model in time series



Thanks for your response.

Yes, the input series is univariate (I omitted the daily date column and kept just the dependent variable (quantity demanded) as a series.

I will omit the enforce stationarity and enforce invertibility parameters and try again.

But can you tell me what this error means exactly?

Will keep you posted.


Not sure but looks like the input to SARIMAX is the issue. were you able to solve it?