SAS line chart and graph



Respected Sir,
Please see the following sample data… in excel i can easily segregate the data month wise with corresponding sum of amount(using pivot) and make its chart but in sas is it possible to do the same if yes then how???..and what is the code for making the line chart.


Hello @sanchi_singh1,

the vline specifies the x/y relationship,i.e date will be the x and response will contain the y.If you want two line charts there will be two vline statements.

In your case you can aggregate the data using proc sql
proc sql;
create table total_amount as
select RowLabel,sum(Amount) as Tot_Amount from table_name group by RowLabel;

then use this dataset total_amount in proc sgplot.
Hope this helps!!


Thank you so much sir…it was a great help…:slight_smile: