Sas procedures and functions



ques This is the code i have written but in result i want to show the months via there name like
1 = jan
2= feb;
for that i used proc format but its not working please tell me where i am wrong?


Hi @sanchi_singh1,

I have a question for you. Have you ran the code and read the log generated. I have a doubt this code will run without generating errors. Anyways I think mistake is that you have not defined data = month in your proc format statement.

Hope this helps.



Respected sir I ran the proc tabulate statemet and its working but proc format is not what is the correct syntax for that?


Hi @sanchi_singh1,

As highlighted in my above statement that you have missed data=month in proc format statement, the mistake is that you forgot to mention that which data to format . Correct syntax -

proc format data = month;

Then use the usual code.