SAS working knowledge for reporting professionals



I’m working for a bank on regulatory reporting assignments. We are using SAS based projects for getting the data for submissions. I’ve basic knowledge of macros and MS access, can edit and modify queries a bit in MS access. My new task is to redefine the existing regulatory reporting framework and make it Basel III compliant. I want to start on SAS so that I can see the underlying data and logics This will help me in questioning the existing logic of reports also. Can you refer me or point out to the some available resources on web where I can read or start my foundation course on SAS.



There are several options to start your journey:

  1. You can download SAS University edition and take the 2 trainings available on for free. This should give you a good starting point. Once you finish the trainings, you will be able to perform ANOVA, Linear and Logistic regressions.

  2. If you can’t spend the time yourself in disciplined manner or need a mentor, you can consider various Foundation courses available. Here is the ranking we did recently:

We will also publish a learning path on SAS for people like you in next few days, so you can subscribe to our emails and stay tuned!

Hope this helps.