Scope of Analytics Startups catering to Digital India or Smart City



Hi friends,

I would like to invite all to express their opinions and suggestions on this matter.

If an analytics stratup is looking for opportunities to contribute to Digital India and Smart City initiatives by Indian government, what are the areas it could focus on? Here are some options to start with:

  1. Cyber security - (fraud analytics)
  2. Traffic and Weather Apps - (Prediction models)
  3. Biometrics Analytics- (Facial Recognition/ Iris)
  4. City Planning

Please feel free to add more and give ideas to brightest minds in the country.

Hoping for the rise of innovative minds and entrepreneurs.




Interesting question @SravanGorantala!

I personally think this is a very dynamic and interesting area to focus on. The opportunities are immense. Here are a few ideas I would want to see implemented in India in future:

  1. Tracking down crime and terrorist activities using Big Data - A few governments have already tried this to some success. I think there was an article on Economist covering the topic. This becomes especially useful to combat potential terrorist activities.

  2. Public transport - How do we optimize the challenges faced with our public transport system to make it more accessible? What should be the routes to run buses? metros? inter-city transports? fast speed trains?

  3. Using Big Data / Social media to track down corruption - Again a lot of government / private organizations have been able to do this.

  4. Smart Cities

Hope this gives some good pointers



Yes @kunal Kunal,

These are the areas where analytics could provide deep and actionable insights.

I am also looking for areas where we mostly overlook and analytics could provide answers for the issues. My main goal asking this question is stirrup the innovative minds, so that they could identify these areas and start working on them.
I am hoping to be one of these to help solve some social issues and need inspiration from top minds.