Scope of shiny apps


What is the scope of shiny app, How extensively it is used ?


R Shiny is a great framework for creating analytics dashboards in no time. It has a not-so-steep learning curve and its great for prototyping dashboard ideas, presenting / demoing results.
You can visit the gallery where they have a wide variety of examples ranging from simple to complex.

What’s more, check out this great app in shiny -
Source code @

You need the license though if you want to use it commercially. I think it has great scope.


Hi @syed.danish @Bolaka

I have a very different opinion on R Shiny. The learning curve is simple, but you cannot use it for advanced dashboards

  1. You cannot have multiple bars
  2. Conditionality cannot be easily implemented at the Sidebar level
  3. Event handling is not easy when you have not read the entire data into memory before activating the dashboard


Hi @anantguptadbl

Yes, you are right. As I said it’s good for prototyping dashboards.
But if you compromise on the learning curve, it’s possible to go beyond…check out these cool apps @

Shiny may have its limitations, but it’s cool!