ScoreCard using visualization in r



How do we create a scorecard visualization in R. What i mean is a table has say 5 columns then 4 columns is text and one column is a trend line. Am new to R so if possible also paste a link.Thanks


hey ananish007,
it would be great if you give re-producible example. I am sure somebody can create from whatever you are looking from the reproducible dataset. btw try searching for dput in R for reproducible dataset.



For simple visualization in R, you can use base plotting system using plot() command or use ggplot2 library for advanced plots. I will be able to assist you better with code if you can tell me more what the problem looks like. Mentioning a few rows of the data set will help me answer better. :slight_smile:


HI Saurav & Parind,

Thanks for your replies. i wanted to see a sparkline sort of visual in a table with other data. I googled and found this link.

Do let me know if you any easier way table shown in the link can be reproduced in powerBI desktop or R(am new to both)