Second Anniversary - Events happening on Analytics Vidhya


It has been 2 years since we started Analytics Vidhya. It has been awesome 2 years and we want to celebrate the occassion in style. You can read more details about what is happening here:

As part of the anniversary, we have launched following things:

  1. Whatsapp Groups - There are 4 groups we are creating - AV transitioners, AV Beginners, AV Rising Stars and AV Gurus. See which group do you fit in and submit the request for access to these groups:

  2. Meetups - We plan to start some offline activities and meetups for our followers. We are starting with one in Delhi - you can find more details about it here: If you can volunteer to arrange one in your city, you will have our complete support to run the meetup.

  3. Shape up your data contest: A simple contest which needs you to show off some data skills. Find the right shape and put it on social media to win some fabulous prizes. Terms & Conditions:

  4. Testimonials: Write about your experience with Analytics Vidhya and stand a chance to win some prizes.

Participate and spread the knowledge & awareness


Hello Kunal Sir. Another wonderful initiatives taken by you and the more I talk about you is actually less. Sir I am staying in Hyderabad and Willing to create a group for knowledge sharing. I stopped the process before payment because I dont have enough Idea after paying the money will the group really forms or not. So Want to get more info related this. Could you please your thoughts



What are your plans for the meetup? Share them with me on my email id.

If they look good, we will buy you the subscription!



Hi Kunaal,

I would like to thank you from my heart for taking this excellent initiative to benefit the people interested in Analytics. Iā€™'ve been an amid follower of all your posts and Iā€™m more than happy.

Kudos to your efforts for bringing this up.



Is there any formal guidelines / structure for the meetup groups? as the meetups will carry the analytics vidhya brand name.


Congrats, Kunal and the AV Team. The AV portal and more recently the discussion forum have been a wonderful source of information on this field, especially as it relates to its presence in India. Looking forward to many more years of success.



We are also evolving in the process. The main guideline to go by are:

  1. The meetup should add value to the people who attend
  2. Should have a defined road map for a few meetups so that people have a go to state in mind
  3. Should have a few experienced members so that they can guide the rest of the population.

We think that the best format for meetups is through half day long (or longer) hackathons, where people get ample time for hands on experience.

Over time, we may have a few kits on Kaggle problems / common datasets, which people can use directly to host these events.

As I said, most of these are guidelines right now. We are evolving in the process. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share and discuss.



@kunal sir, I understand, Thank you. This gave me a fair idea on how AV meetups should be.

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