Seeking advice to switch my career to analytics



Hi Everyone,

I am working as Derivative Trader in US markets (from india) for 3 years. I am very much interested in Analytics and I have done Base SAS certification. I have also learnt Basic statistics(correlation, f test, Chi-square test, multiple linear regression). I am also learning R from coursera, udacity.

I am applying for almost all analytics profile(0-3 yrs). But I am not getting any positive response from the industry. Now, I looking for full time course to start my career in this field. I came across two colleges IIMC(integrated, 2 yrs) and praxis. I am not looking for part-time courses because of my strict 12 hour job+CAT preparation and I know, I am not going to survive in my current profession for more then 3 months.

My questions are:
1 Is this the only way to start my career or switching job is possible?
2 Since IIMC has only 60 seats, I would like to know about praxis placements.
3 Is there any better option then these colleges?
4 What should be the CAT score to target these colleges?

Additional Info: B-Tech(Civil Engg) IIT BHU.

Any expert advice would be very helpful.

PS: Sorry for bad english.



If I am not mistaken, you are referring to the joint course offered by IIM Cal, ISI and IIT Kharagpur? You can refer to a similar discussion on this portal before:

Here are the answers to the specific questions asked by you:

  1. No, there are other ways as well. This might be probably the best bet for you, given your work experience. Other ways would include learning / getting an advanced certificate on one of the tools (either SAS or R).

  2. You can look at the article and the comments here:

  3. These are the best options for full time programs

  4. These colleges do not require CAT score mandatorily. You can apply with other scores as well.

I personally think that you should just focus on one path and then pursue it without getting confused. If you start leaning SAS - focus on SAS. If you learn R, then focus on R. Trying to do everything at once will ensure you do nothing.




Thank you very much for your reply. It is very helpful. I am looking for CAT because I haven’t given any aptitude exam uptill now and I can join these colleges for next year only.

Yes, you have guessed the course correctly(IIM Cal, ISI and IIT Kharagpur).

Other links are also very helpful.

Thanks a lot