Seeking your advice regarding Data Science Courses in India



Dear all,

I have recently started following Analytics Vidhya and it is really helpful and informative. I wanted some suggestion from you all, since some of you have been in this analytics industry for long. I am working for an analytical firm for about 18 months and now I want to make a switch, but I have no idea what I should prepare to land in a good job which provides me a decent pay and post. Can you point out what should I prepare and also where should I apply. I am planning to complete 2 years and then start applying so that in next 2-3 months I can study whatever is required.

I have a decent knowledge of SAS and Excel. Being from a CS background and working with Teradata for more than 6 months I can work with SQL well. Other than this I have a basic understanding of VBA too. I have also done the MOOC on R programming from Coursera.



Can you please tell your current profile and what you mean by decent pay and post/



My current profile is a Business Analyst with a CTC ~8lpa. I would like to go for jobs with similar profile(Analyst) with a pay anything more than 10lpa.



I am not sure that a 25% increase in salary is a good enough reason to move, if all you are looking is a similar role! Also, going by what you have written, it looks like that you are in a reporting / MIS / BI role. If you want a similar role, the course on R would not be of much help.

However, if you want to change your profile, you can continue your learning on Coursera. Specifically, to prepare for interview, you can read following article:

Hope this helps.



Note the increase in salary, but better work is the reason I want to change. Also, my work ex has been in analytics project, which involved sales force design, inventory management, price change analysis.promotion analysis, etc…
Which tools or MOOCs should I do from coursera? Also, any other material or particular topic, I should learn?