Seers Accuracy Data Hack - Approach


Hi Guys,

As the competition get over… Can any one guide me to understand approach for this problem and it will be helpful if some one can share R code for the same.



My solution and code is available on
It scored 0.8851 on the public LB which would be the top rank.


heyy… thanks Rohan


you da real mvp @Rohan_Rao


Thanx Dude
Was Really looking for the Approach How was the problem Solved


Hi @Rohan_Rao!!! First congrats for seers Accuracy.
The approach you are following will cascade the pattern of train and test sets wouldn’t it be better to solve the problem with statical approach rather than machine learning. It would be a great help if we have a discussion on this .Thanks


Congratulations to @Rohan_Rao on winning this one.

@kunal: Will the data set be opened-up as for practice ?


I would love the chance to pay with the data set, I was wondering if anyone still had it. If you do could you email it to me at

Thank you,
Daniel Armstrong


can someone share the data set to, it would be helpful as am at the intermediate level in data science , this can help me to get a complete handle on it