Set Analysis chart in QlikView - I'm stuck



Hi there,
I’m trying to do a bar chart where the X axis shows all regardless of changes.
Here’s what I want to do:

I have: =Sum ({1}[Total CPM revenue (CA$)]) as a expression and a Month as the Dimension.
This gives me the total sales and keeps all the months on the screen. However it shows all companys totals and not the selected ones.
I want to show all 12 months and have the month selected highlighted (I know how to show highlighted) But also want the totals to change based on which company I have selected.
Any thoughts on how to achieve this?
Thanks so much,



You can use identifier (current selection) in place of 1 for performing manipulation with current selection. You can write expression as: =Sum ({}[Total CPM revenue (CA$)]).

You can also refer article “Set Analysis in QlikView – simplified!” for better understanding of set analysis.

Hope this helps!



Thanks but that doesn’t do it. Once I change the 1 to a $ then only the selected months appear. Leaving the 1 there keeps all 12 months. The total is now correct but layout is wrong,

I’ved used your article for Set Analysis a lot. It is great. But it doesn’t answer this simple issue.



To show all months irrespective of month selection, you need to by pass month field in modifier section of set analysis and expression should be:

=Sum ({$<Month=>}[Total CPM revenue (CA$)])

Hope this helps!