Sharing a feedback from a current student who likes to stay Anon in Praxis Bangalore


Sharing some feedback from one of the current students in Praxis Bangalore. Take it with a pinch of salt but it appears Bangalore praxis is totally under prepared and Kolkata has better training programs and faculties. Also the time and depth of exercises given to feed basic concepts is pretty low in Bangalore it seems.

Specifically he highlighted the below where one faculty is actually a student sitting with student and taking classes.

Faculty feedback -

  • Most off them are from industry and may not have relevant teaching knwoledge.
  • it almost appears like its a training conducted in the office (not a data science institute)
  • One lecturer who is RDBMS also sits in all other classes learning the subject including R, Data mining, SAS and stats and mostly takes up faculty time.
  • This prof who also learns in front the student (hadoop - Witnessed by the students of her trying to learn Hadoop) is now being told to take hadoop for praxis bangalore for second and final term. This is like learning for ur fellow student than expert.
    -The lecturer learning the subject will probably be a full time teacher for future batches. Basically you are learning from another student and not a field expert
  • Stats faculty is an expert but time given to him to cover topics is ridiculous and he is hardly able to justify these topics. He has been asked to rush through topics. Its like learning everything from parametric tests to non parametric tests in a day and students asked to write exams in next two days.
  • The administrator(local) always blames the student even if they say topics are being rushed.

Bangalore location feedback

  • its not a college but more like a cheap institute
  • the overall feeling you get is you are attending something like aptech and not a professional business program.
  • More mosquitos, mosquito bats and good night in the class than time given for students to learn. Imagine you trying to swat a mosquito worried about getting a dengue.
  • Very poor infra structure

Though learning from industry helps understand whats happening in real time industry.

Be very careful while chosing praxis bangalore for their teacher one of them is a student and that stufent will be ur teacher teaching hadoop and spark concepts while she is also learning. Not an expert in that subject.

Will you learn basics in first few months - NO.

This is his email and i am sharing the same for prospective students to be careful about taking decision. This field needs strong conceptual knowledge of statistics and if the Bangalore course is being rushed to simply satisfy course hours, skip praxis and try better recognized schools like IIM or SP Jain.

I am in no way affiliated to the school or school student. I am just passing on the feedback for potential Jan batch students.



Dear Shivaa,

You have been an active contributor to the Analytics Vidhya community and have guided many students with their questions about analytics career paths, institutions and courses. I take it that you are sharing the above feedback about Praxis Bangalore with the same intent of helping Analytics aspirants.

Since your post (based mainly on a feedback from one of the students) makes some serious observations about the Praxis program at Bangalore, I feel it’s important that Praxis, as a responsible player in the Analytics education domain, takes this feedback positively and addresses the points you have made.

To start with, we started our Bangalore centre 5 years after starting and stabilizing Kolkata. The move was triggered by requests from several aspirants who, for various reasons, were not in a position to move to Kolkata for the program. Also, we realized that Bangalore is a natural centre for an Analytics program which in any case attracts students from across the country. For us, setting up Praxis Bangalore is a step forward to strengthen and expand our analytics program. It is, therefore, imperative for us to get our act right in Bangalore and we are committed to that cause. Secondly, Praxis prides itself on being a student-first institute and while Bangalore is a different location, our fundamentals of ensuring the right education and finding the right career opportunities for our students remain unchanged.

We started Bangalore in July 2016 and are about to complete the first 3-month term. It was a late decision and we made it clear to the students that we are starting in a temporary 3rd party venue with limited infrastructure. We are in the process of shifting to our own independent centre in November. Infrastructure related issues would most likely be resolved once this happens.

On the faculty front, we interviewed a number of candidates and selected several senior analytics professionals. The youngest of the faculty members is a Data Scientist with IBM Watson Labs with around 5 years of Analytics experience. All others are with a minimum of 13+ years of work experience. Praxis pays close attention to the quality of faculty.
The faculty for RDBMS and Data Warehousing has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in several areas of data management and data warehousing and is a very popular and respected teacher. She would be teaching 2 sessions that deal with that part of the Big Data course that she is very well versed with. The rest of the Big Data course including the Spark portion will be taught by an expert practitioner. The fact that she attends other faculty members’ classes is heartening – it’s for her own learning and not for training to teach those courses! Actually we would love to have her as a full-time faculty but she runs a very successful corporate training program in Data Warehousing and can only teach part-time. The student who brought this up may have made certain assumptions about the courses she may teach later in the program that are not correct or he may have been misinformed. Hope this eases his/ her mind!

We take regular feedback from our students about the classes and are in constant dialogue with our faculty to address any issues that may arise. The faculty team is new (at least to Praxis and as a team) and we are less than a third into the program. As we go along, we will fix the gaps that are bound to show up. If the class doesn’t understand the basics of a concept, we will assign more time and effort – in the beginning there is bound to be a bit of hit and trial. We have been through the same process in Kolkata – but we have managed to have things in place much faster in Bangalore because of our learning from running the Kolkata program. And I guess that this issue pertains to just one out of the 7 first term courses – so highly handle-able.

Finally, we have seen in Kolkata, Bangalore and the other institutes that our faculty teach in – that Analytics is a complex subject and takes time to absorb and assimilate. Also, the student has to make a substantial effort, both in and out of class, to keep up with the demands of this program. There is a lot of value to be gained from the faculty team at Bangalore and we are confident that with time, both the faculty team and the students of the first batch will find the right pace and path to effective learning. It will happen – and the students will learn and find careers in this exciting area. We have done this repeatedly for five years and are committed to doing it at Bangalore. In fact, we expect the Bangalore program to grow faster than its predecessor in Kolkata.

Maybe it is a little premature to ask students to skip Praxis Bangalore on the basis of one piece of feedback so early in the program. Plus, maybe one does not have such intimate knowledge about the other programs – which, with the best of intentions, would also be struggling to find that elusive perfect combination of course, pedagogy and student profile. In any case, your feedback is important to us and will help us deliver better.

Do get back if you have any questions/ comments. Else let’s talk again in another couple of months.

Harish Dalwaipattan,
Brand Manager
Praxis Business School Bangalore.


Hi Shiva,

Thank you for sharing feedback from a current student of Praxis Bangalore. Being a student of Praxis Bangalore(current batch), I would like to clarify some issues which you have mentioned.

1). Praxis Bangalore started its program in Bangalore in July,2016. They have started it at a third party venue and the same has been informed to the students prior joining and we(students) have understood and supporting the management from the beginning. We have already received information about Praxis new venue which will be having all amenities that a typical business school suppose to have.

2).As pointed out about a faculty sitting in the class and learning.She has been in the industry of data management and Data warehousing from past 20+ years. We have already given our faculty feedback to Praxis and we are really happy with RDBMS faculty and would like her to continue in further terms.

Sitting in the class and learning other subjects is her personal interest and we really have no objection in that. The student who brought this may have been under misconception that the courses she is learning now will be taught later by her in the program, is not correct and we have an expert faculty already allotted to teach.

Praxis started this analytics course way before other prestigious colleges have started and Praxis is the only business school takes responsibility of successfully placing the students in analytics industry and I am sure that will continue in coming years from Praxis Kolkata and Bangalore.

I would like to reiterate that the course content and the program offered in Praxis Kolkata and Bangalore has no difference and infact Bangalore is the location where we got industry professionals.

Hope my feedback about Praxis will be helpful and clarify doubts about Praxis.

Student Praxis Bangalore


Hi Shivaa,

I am Vivek from the same batch. While I agree to the facility related comments posted I am also confident that the new facility promised will clear any doubts we have on facility related concerns. I do have some feedback regarding points about faculty.

Regarding RDBMS, I can provide assurance to any future students you will be lucky to have someone like the RBDMS lecturer. Very patient and the right way to get people with absolutely no background on SQL to actually feel comfortable even by the end of term 1. Very methodical and very patient and gives individual attention. We are probably treated like her own kid Period.

Regarding future courses we really do not have a clue on who will be handling what subjects in term 2 to be honest. Have we hit the anxiety mode yet, no as we are just finishing our first term. We are anxious about how our knowledge will stand at the end of the course :slight_smile:

The placements related training has already started while Jan batch placements are already rocking and of all the courses in industry I am sure Praxis has better and probably best records for getting you jump started in ANALYTICS career by sheer placement numbers.

Problems - We have so many problems because we get individual attention. GOODLUCK finding a course that helps you face those problems for we face them every day and I have personally witnessed students who have transformed from being very shy first day to being confident at the end of first term.

Biggest plus - Individual attention, small class and anytime access to the lecturers and profs. Profs are even ready to take classes on weekends at a place outside the center. They are super flexible.

Its class 1 in Bangalore and you can expect to hear both sides of the story. Is it all perfect, it’s not and I don’t think any institute is perfect. Some are issues, some are perceptions. There are real issues which we as students have already directly addressed with dean and local brand manager who are working on them to close them. In case nothing happens be assured we will be the first to share the experience. At this point with regards to knowledge gained, in a nutshell we have mentors (not teachers) who are guiding on selecting a career while we can also learn about subjects on the run :slight_smile:

You can reach out to the current students to get correct perspective. We wont be saying everything is alright at the same time we can clarify any doubts you have in mind. After all we had the same doubts when we were trying to pick the right course.

Good luck
2016 - 1st Batch Bangalore.


@vivekps @Ravindranath

Thanks for your inputs. I would want to call very clearly that let us not bring personal views in an objective discussion.

I believe what @shivaacc has shared is very objective and he called out his limitations very clearly. He has been very helpful to people looking out for career help / mentoring in past. In fact, he has recommended Praxis to multiple students in past (to the extent that at one point our systems actually flagged his profile as some one recommending Praxis very often.)

Let us stay professional in the way we take feedback - if the infrastructure needs improvement, it would be far more constructive to use this feedback than defending “not being perfect” from day 1. Knowing Praxis’s journey and the dedication in management team, I am sure that the feedback would be worked upon.

If there is an objective feedback / point you want to make, please feel free to do so. If it is feeling / view, let us keep it out of forum as it does not help the points made by @shivaacc.

Also, it would be good if you engage on the discussion portals to understand the ecosystem - rather than just giving emotional answers to a particular question. Since both of you have created profiles to only answer to this question and not engage in any other thread - your motive looks defensive than engaging in the community. Please refrain from doing so.


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