Shiny after deployment error


I’m facing this error randomly after I deploy my app and try to open it. Pls Open this link


Hi @shivamsarin

The error you are getting is because of the problem in setting up of account information for establishing a connection when the shiny app is deployed. Since I don’t have access to the code, it’ll be hard to detect the exact error. But here are a few things that should work.

  1. Make sure you are correctly linking your shinyapps account. You can refer this resource to check it:

  2. Make sure you set your locale to EN_US by using the following command:




Hi Saurav,

I can share the code with you can you please let me the how to correct the error? Please share your emailD


This error comes at random. Sometimes when I deploy it woks fine. Othertimes get this error.


Hi @shivamsarin

Have you tried applying the fixes that I suggested?


When I’m trying to use the code
Sys.setlocale(locale=“en_US.UTF-8”). I’m getting this warning message.

Warning message:
In Sys.setlocale(locale = “en_US.UTF-8”) :
OS reports request to set locale to “en_US.UTF-8” cannot be honored

I had deployed my application accordingly as given here

I’ve successfully deployed many apps, but in some I face this issue.


@sauravkaushik8 Can you share your email? I can share the code with you.



Well, in that case if it’s happening randomly, then make sure that this doesn’t happen when you exceed the monthly limit. If not, then see. It simply will be happening for 2 possible reasons.

  1. Problem in code at your end for which you’ll need to identify it and correct it. If you feel appropriate, you can share the relevant portion of code here itself.

  2. Problem at the back end for which you must contact shiny.

The error is most surely because of issues in establishing account information.



I haven’t exceeded the monthly limit. I don’t think there is a problem with the code because when I normally run the app through R-Studio, it works completely fine. Which part of the code should I share,I can mail you all the 3 files. UI.r, global.r and server.r



I will not be able to provide you my email-id. Also, I find it irrelevant as based on your feedback I’ll advice you to contact shiny services as the problem is most probably on the server side then.



I found the error. I had my deploy code in the global.r which I guess was interfering with the app.