Shit from ETL to Public Policy Research and now contemplating a Transition to Data Analytics



I am a B.E Comp Science graduate passed out in 2010 and worked as ETL Tester in a MNC for 3 years and later made a domain shift and pursued Masters in Public Policy(M.A Degree) and now working as researcher in this domain. Have following queries

  1. Is there scope for data analysts in Social Science/ Public Policy in log term perspective? If yes how good is it in terms of career growth and remuneration compared to Business/ industry?
  2. If possible, kindly elaborate on career options for data analysts in Social Science/ Public Policy/ Consultancies (PwC, McKinsey etc) for a non-IIT, non-IIM post-graduate like me.
  3. Is it advisable to switch to Business Analytics completely or should i make a transition by spending more time in Social/Policy research into analytics (is there any scope for such transition?)

I would request people to respond as early as possible, as I am now in the middle of this career crossroads.

Thanks in Advance


Dear @kunal Sir, need your valuable input on this.


Manoj-- Social analytics is huge. Big data and social analytics are one of the most interesting field these days. Dont worry about non IIT and non IIM. It doesnt matter as long as your research (MA) in social science or public policy can be applied as a functiuonal area and help understand the social data.

Remember industry has started generating technical data scientist. Functional experts with data science knowledge is very rare. You can be a functional expert with very good technical background to lead teams to create neccessary analytics while applying your functional expertise.

Its upto you to decide how much your field of interest offers through analytics. Many organization are trying to figure out social analytics.