Should I consider a PG course (from Great Lakes) to enter Data Analytics?



I am a C++ developer working in IT industry. I have over 9 years of experience in application development and maintenance. I have no experience in data analytics. And plan to move to data analytics line.

I am considering to join pgpba course in Great lakes, Chennai. At present I am taking an online course in course era about the data science to get an overview.

Will the pgpba course at great lakes institute is a good option or should I learn data analytics tool from private institutes in Chennai and try to work into any project in data analytics within my organisation.

Pls provide some suggestions for good institutes in Chennai to learn data analytics.

Which course is better for making a career shift to analytics?


Given your background, I am assuming that you would want to get into a hands on role in data analytics. There are several options you can pursue:

  1. Great Lakes + extra courses on your own: The course from Great lakes emphasizes on developing structured thinking. It is not meant to make you an expert at one of the tools. In order to succeed in analytics, you would need both structured thinking as well as technical knowledge. So, to develop technical knowledge, use some of the open courses available e.g. Coursera, edX or even the free training from The challenge in pursuing this would be the efforts. Great Lakes programme, in itself would be very hectic. You will need to pursue additional courses over and above this. However, if you are able to do this, it will be your best bet.

  2. Take a technical course from private institutes (not sure which would be good ones in Chennai). You should do this, if you are really good at structured thinking and can deal with ambiguous business problems youself.

Hope this helps



What should be the additional courses? (I’m assuming you meant beyond MOOCs and those offered by an institute like Great Lakes)


Hi @erohit

Great Lakes will not give you an hands-on the the tools which are needed to excel in Data Analytics field(and that too @ a price of 3.05L). It will just brush upon the topics related to Machine Learning and statistical Inference. Its a wonderful thing that you are getting a hang of the subject by self learning through coursera etc. I have few friends of mine who went for MS in data analytics and they are also doing the same courses from coursera. Hence you be rest assured that its best. I am a firm believer of the fact that all the worlds best are free. Start working and modelling on R. With such wonderful packages its turning out to be a leading analytical software in current market(giving SAS a run for money). Later on you may want to do some small part time courses within your vicinity which can help you realize your ultimate goal. Cheers!!


@K_Chow However, when it comes to head-hunters trolling through résumés would not such a “proper” certification make a difference (in India, at least)? Especially for those of us who are switching fields after a few years of work. Of course in an ideal world, anyone who applies for a job claiming to know X, Y, and Z would be given at least a fair shot at an interview.