Should I join Robosoft technologies as a Data Analyst with 2 years bond?



I am pursuing my Post Graduate Program in Business Analytic(PGPBA) from Praxis Business School, I have studied all advanced statistical concepts like all modeling techniques,Marketing analytics,Text Mining along with analytic tools like R, SAS, Excel, SPSS, RepidMiner. I have 28 months of experience in TCS as a system engineer.

I have an option to join Robosoft technologies as a Data Analyst but with 2 years of bond period, should I join or should I try for another company?


The answer depends mainly on the options you might have.

Here is my take on Robosoft from a few people I have talked to. The main work of the company is app development. They are not know for analytics. So, the first thing you should do is be absolutely sure about the profile you are getting.

The company is based in Udipi, which is not the best place to work, but offers very low cost of living. SO, you may like it, it you are not a city dweller. But, if you are, you might struggle to stay there for 2 years. Some people I talked to were not impressed by their HR and people management. Expect long hours at time of project and low work otherwise.

There are a few good talented developers you may find there. I am not sure about the same for analytics professionals.

Overall verdict:
If I was in your place, I would ask detailed question about the profile and talk to a few people in the team. If you feel convinced and can stay in a non-metro setup, you can join. Spending 2 years with first employer should not be a big concern.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your suggestions Kunal, I have talked to Robosoft HR regarding the profile i would be getting there, he told me that there are some kind of specific tool including excel which they are using for analytic(to analyse the gaming data), and I am getting the same profile which they have mentioned as a Data Analyst having same kind of analysis work.

I have only concern would it be good to join Robosoft, as I am a fresher in analytic domain, would it be ok to start my analytic career from this organization.

Thanks & Regards