Should I learn Python first or Statistics?



In the ultimate DS plan . it is mentioned to learn Python and Statistics . Can i take both the courses simultanelously or first complete one then start the other


Hi @gokulahd

It’s completely upto you how you want to take up these courses. I’ve seen folks doing both the courses simultaneously and later falling short of pace. Also, I’ve seen people who do one course at a time, understanding every bit of it and move forward.

Here, you need to decide what type of person you are. There are no pre-defined set of rules as to which should you learn first.

As my personal advice, I’d suggest you to do statistics first. Finish that course. Then, move to Python.


Its actually based your expertise if you are experienced in statistics in your career , then go directly python otherwise start with stats and then python . But stats and python parallel also possible with bit extra efforts.