Skills required to be a analytics consultant


@kunal sir,

What skills do you see a consultant in analytics should have? How far the functional/business knowledge plays a role for a consultant? Do you think that a consultant need to be an expert in specific business domain or can he or she know something about every industry and provide solutions based on the need?


You may be talking about too many things referring to “analytics”. Consultancy does always require a solid knowledge of whatever it is you are going to perform, plus the experience provided by the employees of your client. You don’t need to become an expert in a specific industry, but you will have to be open to new learning experiences: training in business administration, tax law, industry specific KPI’s (casino management has different KPI’s than, say, an enterprise on Civil Engineering).

That’s what makes consultancy interesting: you always need to learn something new.

I’d say you need to have some of the following:

  1. training in business administration (KPI, Budgeting, understanding of Corporate Finance);
  2. programming, statistical inference, forecasting techniques… those skills are of great use in assessing how a company has performed of late, and how the company is expected to perform in the upcoming weeks/months.
  3. networking skills. Analysts who pretend to be paid for their services have to find their own clients, or be too good to have people looking for them.


@ocarreon - Thanks for the answer !!!