Source of Loan Prediction Data



Question out of curiosity, what is the source of the data?


Hi @vinit28,

For a healthy competition, we are not supposed to reveal the source from which the data was taken. Instead, you should also focus on solving the problem and learn different techniques rather than just searching for the data source because the main aim of the competition is learning.



Hey @shubham.jain

Thanks for replying. Not asking for averting healthy competition. Want to use this data for a hackathon with some friends and it’s more compelling if the source of the data is known and if the problem feels like a real-world problem. But if you can’t share, I understand.



How do I get the Loan_Prediction data file. I can’t find them. Thanks


Hi @sapmarvins

Register yourself in the below competetion. You will be able to download the dataset after that