Source of Loan Prediction Data



Hi @vineeshtp88, you have not registered for the problem statement.


I logged in and find nowhere to download the datasets. Would you send the data to Thanks.



After logging in, you have to register for the problem. Then you can download the data from data section.


Hi @jzhuang,

Were you able to download the dataset after registering in the problem statement?


Yes I got them. Thank you so much.


Hi Aishwarya,

I have registered, and was able to download Train File. However, Test File hyperlink doesn’t seem to be working. Can you please check this issue and return me an orientation on how to get the test file?


I get it; its at the bottom of the page :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @D0pey,

The link works fine for me, just checked. Can you check again if it works? Also, please share your email (DM) so that I can mail you the file.


Hi @AishwaryaSingh

It worked, indeed! Now I downloaded the Test file successfully. I changed computer and web browser (I was in firefox then, I’m in google chrome now), so I can’t say right now if the problem persists given those initial conditions. Anyway, my problem is solved, thanks for your attention!


Thanks for pointing out. The issue has been resolved.


i couldnt find the data set . Can u please resolve it else share through the mail


Hi @vignesh22,

please login or signup at . Once that’s done, go to the loan prediction problem statement, (link below) and register in the competition. You will see the dataset at the end of the page.