SP Jain Global V/S Aegis School of Business

Which is the better program in terms of ROI? Besides this which would be more better option for a MBA, working in a market research firm for almost a year?

@piyush_3006 SP Jain would be a better option!

I think you should rather focus on learning it yourself. If you are ready to give in between 2-3 hours daily then you can easily learn things by yourself.

Both these institute charge too much and placement is not guaranteed even you join full time.

I suggest follow this blog. Additionally Kaggle. Learn basics from books. Practice it on excel and SAS/R/Python . Datasets and problem , you can find online. All you need is good internet connection and your passion & interest.


Thanks for the reply. What is the placement scenario for both the colleges?

Thanks for the reply. What would be the average placement at SP Jain?

Avg Placement is 90% and avg salary goes around 18 Lakhs.
Varieties of companies comes for placement in SP Jain compared to the latter and offer higher packages.

Abhishek Das

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Thanks for the reply…Will surely think about it

Hi @piyush_3006

Like most of the other people here have mentioned, nothing beats self learning. In the world of internet you are inundated with all possible resources, you just need some time and persistence and everything else will fall in place, if you are willing to learn stuff on your own.

For further help refer to my answer on Quora:

https://www.quora.com/Which-combination-of-degrees-should-I-take-to-become-a-Data-Scientist - By Ankit Dwivedi

Thanks for the response. The only concern in that case comes getting a call for an interview.