SP Jain or Aegis school ? Which is best for a fresher?



Hi all,

Aegis school:
1)Aegis school is offering a course with associated with IBM.
2)Course curriculum has more IBM software teaching.
3)Its a 6 month program plus 3 months internship.
4)Course Fee 456000 /-

where as

S P Jain
1)It is a 6 month program
2)Big college brand name in management education.
3)Course Fee : 720000 /-

Please help me to select best college between this two.
Waiting for your reply


@vibov - what is your background and experience? What are your expectations from the course?





Just look at the answer above you from Kunal. No point giving a default answer without knowing your profile. Provide little more details.

To me aegis is IBM based while Praxis looks more open source. I would chose Praxis simply because its open source


I have 2 yrs experience in Electronics field I want to pursue career in Data Analytics what are the best courses available in this field …? Is online courses provided on coursera enough to provide skills required in current data analytics field


Hi kunal ,

Even I am planning to join aegis but as I am civil engineering background I think a good certification is required to adapt proper skill.

Can you suggest me something ???