Suggest tool preferences based on the job opportunities in India :Tableau vs Qlikview vs MSBI&power-bi



Tableau vs Qlikview vs MSBI&power-bi, SAP BO – which tool should I learn? i am just confused i need some guidance from you friends so let me know which among these is the best as per jobs in india.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Vijay

Power BI will be best as rest have lot of resources in the market.



Hi tillu bro thanks lot , Bro also u have said aprt from power bi rest tools have have lot of resources in market may i know them bro


Hi Vijay

I mean we find more resources who got trained on( Tableau / Qlikview / MSBI& SAP BO) and already working on these technologies. so best choice is to go with POWER BI.



Thanks lot bro