Suggest ways to enhance the resume for a data science career



What are essential skills for a data science job? What could you do as a side work along with normal studies (or job) to increase value of one’s CV?


@jalFaizy- You can look at this discussion topic.Kunal has explained really well and according to me, he is the best one to answer this type of question.


Data science is too broad a topic to suggest enhancements to resume. To me Analytics layer can be differentiated as the technical underlying work layer and then the upper layer of application and decision making.

Fundamentals - Get the lower layer strong. This includes getting yourself hands on analytics tools, programming, stats, modelling and what not.

Application layer - This is the layer which many company would find attractive. With the fundamentals, start creating insights and how data science can be applied to scenarios.

If you can enhance your resume by investing on both fundamentals and application you have a good chance to be the data science consultant.

If not you can still be the master of technical layer where a consultant can use your skill to create that application layer.


Hi @shivaacc, could you please elaborate on the “Application layer”? Does it mean working on projects?


There are different building blocks of data science. One should have knowledge of at least one tool in each segment.

  1. Visualisation: Tableau, Spotfire, Plotly etc.
  2. Coding: R, Python, SaS etc.
  3. Machine Learning: RapidMiner, TensorFlow, R, etc.
  4. Theory: Statistics, Algorithms
  5. Domain: Banking, Insurance, Retail etc


For a specific job you should consider researching the position and doing a project (even with fake data) that relates to it. Every position is supposed to solve a problem or add value to the company, if you can show them that you can be useful from “almost” day one then you will have a strong case.