Suggestions for the Problem statement of Data Science in R



I am a rookie in Data Science. I have been trying to solve one problem statement from three days. I have tried to solve the problem using different libraries. I am not sure how to make frequency distribution using R in the user login file attached below. I would really appreciate the help.

Imagine that you held a two-day event (from May 1 - 2) targeting users of Service A to promote sales of an item.
However, you receive the following request from the service planner.:

“I want to know if there is any difference in event effectiveness depending on service usage frequency, so based on the number of days that they used the service during the month of April, please divide our users into three groups (up to 10 days, 11 - 20 days, and 21 or more days).”

Assuming that item sales from the start of the event until May 8 are recognized as being an effect of the event, please do an appropriate event effect analysis.

Reference Files

  • user_login.csv: Service A user login times (April)
    • user_id: user id
    • timestamp: login time
  • event_entry_users.csv: Event participant list
    • user_id: user id
    • timestamp: event entry time
  • item_purchase_log.csv: Item sales history
    • user_id: user id
    • item_id: item id (1.1 MB)


can’t access/ download ur file…

Merge all three using user id…then check the no. of times an user logged in… then check for the particular item under promotion in each user…


Thank you very much ssvbalan for your reply… I was trying to plot the frequency distribution of the three groups DS_Data.csv (38.3 KB)
mentioned. Please find the csv file attached