Switching career from teleco to data analytics after a break



Dear forum members,

My profile,

Industry- Telecommunication ( Singapore)
exp - 2 years in Incident management( troubleshooting/ level 1 supports, incident reports)
educational qualification- MS ( Networking) , ITIL, CCNA( certified) CCNP( incomplete) with prior knowledge of java, sql ( though not used extensively) .

Currently i am a full time mummy to 2 yr old kid. I like to join work again, but not in previous role, since it requires 24/7 attention.

I am looking to shift my career towards analytics, preferably to suit the telecom industry/ ites/ kpo.

i had been following AV for a while , and understood that NIIT courses is not desirable.

Kindly suggest how to get a start in this field. I am looking for courses in Chennai, and okay with full time ones.

Thanks in advance



I am not aware of any full time course in Chennai. @karthe1 - Is there any you are aware of?

Here are some suggestions you can consider:

  1. Join Great Lakes program in Chennai. They do a 5 day residential stint every alternate month - not sure if this would be possible for you though with the kid.

  2. Start learning R / SAS - for R, you can look at Analytics Edge course on edX. It is a fairly exhaustinve course and requires about 15 - 30 hours of work every week. For SAS, you can start with trainings available on sas.com

Make sure you do all the assignments and work on data science problems additionally. If you follow these for next 6 - 9 months, you should be able to get a consideration from companies for a data science role.

Hope this helps,


Wow, 15-30 hours per week for Analytics Edge?! That’s a BIG stretch, if you ask me. :smiley: I would say no more than 5 hours per week, for watching the videos and completing the exercises (compared to Coursera’s Data Science specialisation, you don’t even have to search much online for finding out how to perform a certain operation–more like rinse, interpret, repeat). The Weeks of Kaggle are, of course, a different issue, but then you don’t have any other course material to do during that time.

BTW, @Kunal, ISI Chennai has put up a brochure and admission form for their BA Crash Course which starts on August 3rd.


Hi @kunal,

I went through the great lakes program and clearing few doubts on it. i am not entirely sure , that they might consider a applicant , not working at the moment.

i have also made note of the R from Analytics edge too. I have all free time with me, since the child can be taken care by others while i am not around.

Thanks for the input, will keep posted how i progress.