Switching from R to Python



How much time would it take to switch from R to Python ? If anyone has done, please suggest a good way(any course, tutorial etc.) to learn Python.


Python is a very easy to learn. As with any language, the hard part is determining how you are going to utilize it for your work. Out of curiosity, why are you looking towards Python vs R?


I know R very well for data analysis purpose. But Python has very good deep learning libraries, so I want to learn Python also.


You won’t have an issue. It is well documented and is very easy to learn.


You can learn basic python syntax from Datacamp’s Intro to python course and then move on to learning important data analysis and machine learning libraries like numpy, pandas, scikit learn, etc.
There are various python tutorials and articles on Analytics vidhya too which you can refer. After that its all about practice. I don’t think it should take very long to get comfortable with the language once you start working on problem sets.


Use both.I feel R is much easier for data manipulation and preparation while Python is far easier to try multiple models and plotting results.

Also Python is faster when data set gets bigger while R struggles.

Python also has NLTK which is very good and advance in Text mining and Text analytics


If you’re comfortable with R, you can try looking into the Keras interface for R that RStudio has come out with. https://rstudio.github.io/keras/