Switching in to Big Data + Hadoop + Data Analytics



I am a Technical Architect in Microsoft and iOS technologies. Since last year I have been thinking of moving to Big Data domain.

Just this month, I got enrolled myself in Edupristine Big Data and Hadoop course (http://www.edupristine.com/courses/big-data-hadoop-program/big-data-hadoop-course), to get myself comfortable with Hadoop and related technologies. This is my first jump into Big Data domain. This course finishes by March and then I can ask for work in Big Data domain in my company to get relevant industry experience.

Then as per my career aspirations, I want to get into Data Analytics. For that I will enrol in some Data Analytics course from top institutes (ISB, IIM). The fees of these courses is pretty high, but my understanding is I will get good return in future from this.

Do you think my approach is right? Please provide your valuable inputs.




There are several roles in Big Data domain. For a starting role, you will need to make a choice between a Big Data Developer profile and a Big Data Analyst to start with.

If you want to become a developer and not an analyst, the course from ISB / IIM would not help you much. They are meant to provide you a break in data science and not in Big Data roles. However, if you want to be in analytics, you can take up these courses.

Also, the best thing would be to get more and more experience by working on projects with in your company.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Kunal for your reply.

Further to this:

As I am from technical background, I want to get hold of the Big Data - Hadoop (& related technologies) from technology perspective. For that I am planning to do three things -

And then sail into Big Data Analyst domain as well, to become master of Technology and Functional aspects both. For this I will enrol into the course from ISB / IIM.

This is the vision that I am thinking. Do you think this is the correct approach and can sustain me for a long term growth ?

Please provide your valuable inputs. Thanks.