Switching to proper analystics SAS



Hi All,

Currently i am working as data analyst in market research firm and have 3 years of experience on SPSS,SQL and IBM quantum … but i just do data checking , data cleaning and tabulation and not hard core analytics, also i am currently not working on SAS and now i have done base and advance SAS certification to switch into actual analytics, but problem is that , i am getting calls for SAS predictive modeling and other SAS analytics which i have not done in my 3 years, also companies are saying that you have no experience on SAS so we will hire you as fresher, so please can someone suggest me what should i do to get SAS programmer job without being hired as fresher.
Thanks in advance.


Start working on SAS and build your own site to showcase your skills. Use kaggle data sets and whatever available to showcase your ability to build programs, macros and modelling in SAS.

Better option is to move internally first into a sas team and slowly learn and augment your existing skills and then start looking outside.


Big thanks for Your suggestion Vivek but unfortunately my company doesn’t use SAS… some outdated softwares are used in my company… i have no option but to look outside… also as you said i am adding up something more to my knowledge everyday… I request to you to please suggest another option … also if possible please suggest me some small scale companies which hire for SAS , which would suit in my case…
thanks in advance…


Move to a company that will have sas. Else you have no other option to take up junior level position but use your experience to take a fast track.