Take home exercise


Hi @kunal,

I have had interviews with couple of companies and everytime I get take home exercise to work on for next round I don’t know where and how to proceed and end up being not selected ?

Basically they ask for,
Key insights,
Pattern in data
Communication skills

Can you help me with few pointers to get started with ?




This is the method to evaluate “How you work on a project and your approach?”. I always start solving these problems in a structured way:

  • List all hypotheses
  • Start data exploration (uni-variate, bi-variate and multi-variate), validate listed hypotheses and generate insights using charts or tables
  • Visualize insights effectively to convey right message
  • If it is related to model development, select the right model and show the model validation metrics and it will be great to compare the output of two or three relevant models and select the right one.
  • Finally, Put your recommendation
  • Here, communication also play a vital role so prepare for counter questions related to data and prepare supporting slides for those also.