Technical Sales (Analytics Products)


Hi Kunal and everybody else,

I just read your book Kunal, its really good. Explains a lot of things in a simple language. I wanted to know a little more about what you think about the “non-technical data science roles” that you have talked about. Is it advisable for a person early in their career to work as a Technical Sales (Analytics) professional?
As you would know the work requires you to cater to clients and sell analytics products and services which best suits the need of the client. You will not need to get into the depth of the problem but basic knowledge of everything in the industry is what is needed to convince the client.

I personally feel you can shift into a technical sales role from a technical role 10 years down the line but vice-versa is not possible. What do you think?


@kunal Sir Please guide us on this …I also have same dilemma !!



@Akshay_Kher @Arihant

I don’t think you need to have 10 years experience under your belt to get into these non technical roles. As I see, there are 2 ways in which you can break into these roles:

  1. Have a parallel experience in other industry - For example, a person selling IT solutions would have a lot in parallel, when he sells analytics solutions.

  2. Gain hands on experience for some time - A few years at most. You can make a shift as soon as you have 2+ years of experience doing hands on work. As mentioned in the guide, you should focus on breadth of learning that depth in this case. For example, read blogs, case studies, develop high level understanding of various tools and techniques in order to do this.

You can break in Technical Sales through either of the 2 paths mentioned above. I don’t see the need to spend 10+ years before getting into this role.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the answer Kunal , But in this role is not hardcore analytics role right?


@Arihant…you will be selling Analytics solutions - it depends on what you call as hardcore!