Text Mining tools which has control operators


Hi everyone,

I have over 7000 forum threads in an excel file. The data has two columns-

  1. Subject-> which tells about the problem that a customer is facing.
  2. Body-> the answers/posts on that forum thread.

What I want to accomplish is sort these forum threads into different categories. And I can do it only by reading text from the subject and body. Does anyone have a recommendation for a tool that can do this.

Primarily, the tool should have Control operators (If, elseif, etc.) and Boolean Operators(AND, OR, NOT). I want to sort these using variables (which will be certain keywords and hyperlinks).

Any help would be appreciated.



You can use Topic modeling over it by using LDA which will automatically give you some keywords for the topic the post is talking about or you can just convert any post in a number of list of words and filter based on your requirement.


Thank you Aayush…I will give it a go.