The strategic saviour event - suggestion for future


Hi to all!

Today i took part in this event and it was very interesting… but i have couple of suggestions for future events, to make it even better and even more fair

We had mcq questions, only one question was correct, it was not possible to change answers to previous questions.

Every question should be independent. Now, for questions 10-28 you had to know correct answers for previous questions if you want to answer correctly. And i believe this is not fair. Sorry, but this is not how mcq questions are constructed.

Give all parameters for every single question, don’t ask to know correct answers for previous questions so you are able to answer correctly new one.

Thank you



Hi, I think You misunderstood Strategic Saviour to be an MCQ questionnaire but as far as I know It was a case study type competitions whose sole criteria is making reasonable assumptions and calculating the answers at every step using the initial assumptions and the answers at the previous step.

Correct me, if I am wrong as to how case studies work.



Well, then i would write better instructions… because now they were confusing…


@igor_buzov Feedback taken. Thanks!