Time series analysis with categorical values



Hi all ,

I have a brewery sales data set , in which i have to forecast the sale of beer by the flavor , there are almost 20 to 25 different flavor and 5 to 6 different region , how do i proceed with this ?


I would start by reducing the dimensions of the data,you can use the data science tools in python which will look for data which is similar enough to reduce to one dimension vs two. Etc. Good Luck


Hi Clayton ,

I learned Time series yesterday and very new to data science , and can you please guide me the steps to do this , or some similar example so that i can proceed with the same !


This may be helpful, I would suggest using Anaconda so you have the Jupyter notebook, you will need to learn the scikit learn package and you should also use the NumPY and SciPY add ons.


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Thank you Clayton , actually it was a very simple problem, i was making it difficult !!!