Time series forecasting help



Hello All,

Im a newbie for both analytics and this forum :slight_smile: So, if this isnt the right place to post then, please move it to the respective section.

Lets say, I have the following historical dataset (4+ years) and would like to forecast the future trend (for 2 years).


I would like to predict the future trend of both used and capacity for each country for 24 months.

I followed this wonderful article and got the basic idea of forecasting with ARIMA.

  1. Im not really sure, whether it can work with multiple variables at a time.
  2. More over, is ARIMA the right fit for the problems like these ?
  3. Should I model each country individually and predict them ?

I appreciate any pointers for solving this problem.



In My opinion you need to consider One country at a time if you want to forecast Country wise used and Capacity.


Yeah. Im doing the same and it works pretty well in R. I still need to check about auto.arima :slight_smile: