Time series forecasting



I am trying to do forecast my data but when i checked my data in Dickey-Fuller Test. its come like this
my Results of Dickey-Fuller Test:
Test Statistic -2.287864
p-value 0.175912
Lags Used 11.000000
Number of Observations Used 215.000000
Critical Value (1%) -3.461136
Critical Value (10%) -2.573986
Critical Value (5%) -2.875079
dtype: float64

My p value is so less? Its means my data is not normal or not suited to Arima model?
and what a reason about less p value?


As far as I can understand ,I think that test statistic is greater than 3 of the critical values (at 1,10,5 % level of significance). So,p value is higher than 0.1. If p value is lesser than .1 then one can say “fail to reject null hypothesis with respect to 10% level of significance.”


thank you Paul…


thank you paul