To the Admins: Submission of code?



Usually the submission of code is requested at the end of each competition and that too for the top performers on the leader board, but I see a Code submission box for the D - Hack. Any reason?

Is it necessary to submit the code for every submission(Apparently, its a mandatory field(*))?


@Nagesh - the purpose is 2 fold:

  1. We are trying to do immediate evaluation post completion of the competition and aim to announce the results as soon as the code is verified.

  2. In past competitions, we have seen people struggling to put together their code late in the competition and then asking for more time. If you can just upload code as is, it will help you select the final submission instantaneously.

Hope this helps.



Hi Kunal,

I am trying to upload my code and solution as prescribed format, but I am unable to upload the same.
I am getting the error : “Class names are not matching”.

Could you please provide me the solution for the same.

I would be very thankful to you.


@kunal Thanks


Error in submitting files. Please help


Hi Kunal,
For private leaderboard evaluation do we need to upload only the code file or the zip file containing data and code both ?


Hi @sidvohra95,

You only have to submit the code file that you have used to make final submission.