Transition from Business Intelligence ETL to Data Analytics



Hi Kunal,

I am new to this forum but I have heard a lot about this site for Analytics and so I am here.

I am working as a Senior ETL developer in one of MNC with 6 yrs of exp.
I have ample of knowledge in Informatica ETL,Informatica Cloud, SQL, Oracle Business Intelligence Reporting tools and Unix Shell Scripting.

Now I have decided to switch to Data Analytics.
I have no idea about it. But I have heard about popular tools available in the market like SAS, R, Python.
I am not sure if I should start learning these tools first or start from the very base ground level from which these tools work.
I am talking about Business Statistics, Mathematics. As I am a computer Science graduate so I don’t have very good knowledge about Statistics. Though Maths is my favorite subject:)

To build a success career in Analytics where should I start from:
A tool or base level techniques. I know its not easy path to follow on.
And talking about a tool which should I pick first being an experienced IT guy - SAS or R or Python?

I have heard about you and your articles a lot.
Please advise!! You are doing a great job thanks for that and keep witting such a nice articles.



I think you should start from basis statistics as Stats is the base for most of the techniques ( You love maths so Learning statistics wont be hard for you )
You are a developer so start learning python,it will help you in your development work also and now Python has some amazing data science related packages like numpy,scipy,scikit, NLTK etc.
Start reading related to the algorithms and take some analytics course on coursera,edx,udacity. Practical exposure is the only way to do good in this field.