Trying to replicate Sachin dashboard,Bar Chart not showing correctly



HI Sunil/Kunal ,
I am a avid follower of Your Blogs. I must say it helped me a lot . I am currently Learning qlikview and tried to replicate : A tribute to Sachin! dashboard which is posted some time back.

I have few Challenges :

  1. In overview Tab ,Runs scored vs Country Bar-Chart ,its not coming exactly same as your screen shot in the blog.

I am not sure why its producing wrong results.

Either i would like to see the data model (Table Sctructure in Qlikview Ctrl+T) or qvw file. or you can provide your valuable thoughts by looking my screenshots.

This is my Dashboard and Table Structure.



Good to meet you!

Please share dimension and expression of chart object, it would be helpful for me to answer your query.



HI Sunil ,

Thankyou. I found the answer.
There were two tables holding country dimension (1 in Matches Table (in the name of AGAINST) ,1 in Stadium table)
I was trying to add a country Dimension from Stadium which is not right. There was one more field AGAINST in Matches Table (Mach_info in excel sheet)(having the country info) which i have missed.
I rectified it and it worked well.
The Chart is coming correctly.
Dimension: is COUNTRY from Matches Tabe (Match_info) in excel sheet.
Expression is : sum (RUNS)

Thankyou for you help. I have two more questions:

1). The above issue is solved because , filed COUNTRY was there in Matches Tabe (Match_info) .So i there was no issue in using it.What if the filed(AGAINST(COUNTRY) is not there and i have to take it from the other table (Stadium table,stadium_info)
2)From the above Screen shots,can you suggest me that is the data model right .
I see stadium table is not connected to metrics table,which is not good as per star schema. could you please suggest on it.