Tutorials for Data Analytics using python?



Where can I find affordable tutorials for Data Analytics using python ?


Hey @tpssoni,

There is plenty of “free” quality content/tutorial available online for Data Analytics/Data Science/ML with python. Here are some -

  1. Comprehensive Learning Path for Data Science with Python
  2. Complete tutorial to learn Data Science with Python from Scratch
  3. Introduction to Data Science with Python(by Microsoft FREE)
  4. Introduction to Data Science with Python (by Facebook FREE) https://in.udacity.com/course/intro-to-data-science--ud359
  5. Honestly are many more, just choose your pick!

Also, post here any new links/tutorials you find useful/interesting for the community!



I would recommend Datacamp; even though it requires a subscription, it is in my opinion, terrific value for money.

At the moment there are c.20 Python courses, plus practice exercises and projects.

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