Tying Twitter Feeds to marketing strategies


I have been hearing a lot these days of building marketing (targeting) strategies using Twitter Feeds. I wonder how can one tie back Twitter IDs to Customer IDs for any kind of X-selling. For instance, if I have want to build a retention strategy for an insurance company using the negative twitter feeds or hashtag, how do I link these feeds or twitter IDs to my customer IDs to call them or get in touch with them (except directly interacting with them on Twitter).


to tie it you need a common id - maybe email address can help here


I was thinking on the very same lines. We can try using username email ID, telephone number etc. But in case you are pulling tweets using hashtags, I do not see these kind of user details. I wonder if Twitter share PII informations on users who are tweeting. In case you have done any such analysis, it will be really helpful if you can tell how to reach to such informations when we pull tweets using hashtags.Also can we somehow link IP address of twitter access accounts somehow to customer IDs (IP address should be available for pulled tweets).

Thanks a lot for your answer.