Unable to find executable file for iPython / Jupyter



Hi All,

I am new to python and installed python 3.5. I have downloaded I python and unable to find .exe file please help me to proceed further.



To get up and running, you need only do two things. First, select, download, and execute the Anaconda installer of your preference for your operating system / platform. This will install Anaconda, Spyder, NumPy, SciPy, SciKit-Learn, Pandas, and MatPlotLib for you automatically. https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/install



Assuming you are on windows - open us cmd and write

ipython notebook 

This should throw up an ipython notebook server on your local machine. In case it does not open up directly, just open your browser and type:


This should serve you the ipython notebook interface.



Hi Kunal,
Thanks a tons. I am able to get the iphythonnote book interface. but i am unable to create a new notebook the notebook option is disabled. Do I need any more further configuration to proceed further. please suggest at the earliest.



This gif is a nice representation of how to open and use an IPython/Jupyter notebook.


Hi jal faizy,

please point me to machine learning algoriths code using iphython.



Although you can find (many) repositories on github/google with a simple search, Here’s a good one for you


Thank a tons