Undergraduate student interested in Data Analytics/Big Data grad. education


I am a senior computer science student and I am interested in pursuing my grad. studies in data-related field such as Big Data or Dana Analytics. Academically, I have an average GPA (3.12/4.00), but I am compensating for that with personal projects I’ve done on the side.
In my final semester, I am thinking about doing (academic) research about a topic in Big Data or Data Analysis with the hope of increasing my chances of admission at graduate school and show my interest.

I have a few questions regarding my current situation:

  • First, would it be a good idea to apply for a Master’s degree given my current GPA? Or should I maybe look for career opportunities right after my Bachelor’s because of it?
  • Would writing a research paper (supervised by a professor) as un undergraduate student hold any significant weight in my application to grad school?
  • If that’s the case, what subjects would be interesting to research in the field of Data Analytics and Big Data? I am conflicted in which one to choose as I am fond of both of them.

Any career advice would be most welcome :slight_smile:

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