Understand which factors influence customer buying behavior in category



Hi everyone. I have a project where I am trying to find which factors influence customer buying behavior in a category and how different categories are different. I want something like this - buying behavior = Q1 x Factor A + Q2 x Factor B + Q3 x Factor C category wise and finally have the output as Factor A is important in Category 1 and Factor B is important to category 2 etc.
My question is more around how to treat this problem, classification or regression? And if anyone has previous experience in this problem, I can leverage experience.


Hi @harvarad,

This problem can be treated as a mixed problem, i.e. both regression and classification problem. To get the buying behavior, i.e.

you can use regression algorithms. On the basis of available features, you will get the buying behavior for each customer. Now on the basis of their behavior you can decide which factor is important for which category. For deciding this, you can treat it as a classification problem.