Understanding and Interpreting a boxplots




I am new to data exploration.I have been examining a pandas dataframe where I got the following boxplot for one of its variable.

But I don’t know how to read and interpret a boxplot
What are the inferences I can draw from it ?




Median: Middle quartile marks the median.

Middle box represents the 50% of the data

Lower quartile: 25% of data falls below these line

Upper quartile: 75% of data falls below these line.

Whiskers represent the percentage of data outside the middle 50%

Outliers : Data points beyond whiskers on the two sides are outliers

In your boxplot you have upper whisker stretched longer this implies there is more variation in these 25% of data
Small size of boxplot implies there is less variation in these 50% of data or high level of agreement in the data if it would have been longer then the conclusion would be vice-versa.

Blue points represents the presence of considerable number of outliers in the data.