Understanding the t test


The t-test is used for inferential testing between the categorical-continuous variables. Here should the dependent variable is categorical or independent variable should be categorical?



that’s an oddly worded question. A t-test tests two groups of measurements from a process so the categorical variable would be the group number and that would be the dependent variable because you are doing the test to determine which category is bigger, smaller, etc.



@neha30, t-test it’s a parametric procedure that examines values distribuition |(eg, means) from the same variable between 2 groups that could be nominal, categorical or even numerical (as a cut point). In this last case, the cut point of a numerical will separate the values in 2 groups: above cut point or below cut point, or in others words, a new categorical variable. The term independent is very apropriate in this case because the assumption to use t-test is that the groups under testing must be “exclusive”. I hope helps you.