Unexpected HTTP Status code: 400 Bad Request in H20.gbm



Hello Everyone,

I m getting one error while i m running h20.gbm in R. Can anyone help me resolving this error.

@Mark Landry @Lesaffrea @shuvayan @Aarshay

ERROR: Unexpected HTTP Status code: 400 Bad Request (url =

[1] “water.rapids.ASTNumList.exec(ASTNumList.java:130)”
[2] “water.rapids.ASTBinOp.apply(ASTBinOp.java:23)”
[3] “water.rapids.ASTExec.exec(ASTExec.java:46)”
[4] “water.rapids.ASTBinOp.apply(ASTBinOp.java:23)”
[5] “water.rapids.ASTExec.exec(ASTExec.java:46)”

Error in .h2o.doSafeREST(h2oRestApiVersion = h2oRestApiVersion, urlSuffix = page, :
Number list not allowed here


hello @Rohit_Nair,

I think that the h2o.gbm will not take normal lists like in R but rather a h2o object.
Please check the h2o documentation for more details.


Hi Rohit,
this time I can not help :frowning: I do not use h20


@shuvayan i used H20 objectt only. Dunno whats the issue was…

@Lesaffrea No prob :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



even i am not sure :frowning: one issue can be if you are not using latest versions of both R and h2o.Also please check if all the dependencies for h2o are there.


Thans @shuvayan .Issue was with the diffrent versions. :frowning: