Use of analytics to tackle Data Privacy and Governance



Considering the fact that there will be lots of Consumer data to make use of in Analytics, is there a way in which Analytics can be applied to Data Governance to ensure the Data privacy is still respected?

How do we ensure that the data being used does not violate the privacy of the customer? Is there a Data Ethics Committee or something?

Also, do we realize what aspects of our data is being used for analytics. Do we have a say in it? Just wanted some thoughts.



This is a very broad question and I sure there will be a lot of perspective on this.

In general, any company / organization should declare what data they are collecting and what would that be used for, whether they will share it with 3d parties or not etc. However, these details are normally tucked in the long terms and conditions and people don’t realize the extent to which sharing their details can impact them.

I have seen a few apps in this direction. One of them, for example, sits on your smartphone and gives you a privacy rating every time you are installing a new app. Not a complete answer to the problem, but a good initiative in that direction.




So, does that mean there are initial standards that are in place when the company requests data.
For eg : Does a telecom industry have a policy that states "these are all the data it can gather from the user. Anything else will need appropriate approvals or is not permitted."
Also, is there any work that is being done on Summarizing these rather long terms and conditions into crisp, short points that benefits the user.

Also, came across the below 2 websites with regards to this.