Use of MongoDB in Data science using R



How much MongoDB/MySQL knowledge are required for a Data scientist with R to switch a career into analytics ?.Is it basic level for any one or both is required ?


I’ll post a quote from the article “Basics of SQL and RDBMS – must have skills for data science professionals”

If you meet 10 people who have been in data science for more than 5 years, chances are that all of them would know of or would have used SQL at some time in some form!

Now answering your question - it depends on the problems you will be working on and the company you are working for. Personally I would say you should have a basic understanding of both instead of learning them just before your project deadlines!


Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile: However I would appreciate if you could help me to know good online resources available to learn the basics of MYSQL/MongoDB


@chakraborty.arijit28 Here are some resources for you


HI Chakraborty,

Importing Data from Non-Relational Database

R also has packages that support non-relational database for data import.
• rhbase is used for Hadoop Distributed File System
• RCassandra is used for Cassandra Database system
• Rmongodb is used for MongoDB.

SampleDatabase <- “Test_Database”
MyMongoDB <- mongo.create(db=SampleDatabase)

To insert a list

mongo.insert(MyMongoDB, “Test_Database.Column1”,

Hope this helps